Our Programs

Vita Living’s mission is to provide lifelong services and supports for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to promote personal growth toward a safe, satisfying, and meaningful life in their community.

Our three core programs fulfill this commitment through residential, day program, and case management services.


Residential Programs

A pioneer in the group home model for individuals with IDD, Vita Living now owns and operates 19 group homes for up to 78 residents in Houston's Spring Branch and Sharpstown neighborhoods.

Our first group home—the first licensed group home in Texas for individuals with IDD and challenging behaviors—opened in 1985 and is still home to four of the original six residents. This is a remarkable accomplishment and a testament to Vita Living’s ongoing commitment to provide life long, comprehensive services in the community for those we serve.

We have the opportunity to serve an additional 10 individuals in our residential program should we be able to secure financial support from the donors and members of our philanthropic community. That’s a 13% increase in our capacity to serve more individuals in residences.

Recently, we have increased our capacity to serve more in our host home companion care program by 6%. These individuals live with a caretaker or family member in a community residential setting.

  • 18 group homes
  • 23 host homes
  • 78 residents
Vita Living Day Program

Vita Living Day Center

The Vita Living Day Center is a centrally located day program facility that offers our residents an opportunity to engage in activities and socializing in the presence of our caring, expert behavioral health team.

The Vita Living Day Center opened in March of 2016. Its goals include:

  • Engaging Clients in meaningful activities that support personal growth
  • Supporting nursing care that addresses the specific healthcare needs of an aging IDD population
  • Accessing community-based opportunities that support a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle

Case Management

Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS)

Through Vita Living’s case management program, 343 individuals in Houston and its seven surrounding counties are served.

This makes our CLASS program the largest in the State of Texas. Our professional and dedicated case manager oversee and advocate for effective education plans, lifelong homes, and more. CLASS ensures that each person receives the services they need for successful integration into our shared community. These services can include adaptive aids, home modifications, specialized therapies, and attendant care.

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